Our Business

We are over 20 years of experience

Miga Consultancy Services

Miga Consultancy Services is dedicated to provide Solution related to Engineering Field mainly Industrial Stationary , Mechanical ,Electronics and Telecommunication ,and Information Technology , Interior and Architectural related to Industries .

All the solution being made is purely Intellectual Property of Miga Consultancy Services , no other areas except those solutin will not be available as we donot permit any body to resale our solution , nor we have any agent associted with us .

Miga Trading House

Miga Trading House is dedicated to provide rent of Industrial machinery ,and the businhessman who donot have enough fund can start their business with us as we donot sale machine instead of that we rent our machne globally.

All the mahines and instruments being rented are fully Intellectual; Property of Miga Trading House and we donot give any kind opf legal permission to any 3rd party who can sale / rent our product .

Miga Academy

Due to huge demand of Miga Group's Standalone Product and Customised Solution there is a huge demand for the well skilled employees in the Industry and have power of doing multitasking work at a time, which will not only save the money of the industry but will also help the business from error.

All the training and workshop kit that are being delivered to the client or student are fully owned by Miga Academy, and Miga academy doesnot given any kind of permission to any one ,anywhere to resale ,or rent our Kit or services .

Miga Production House

All the manufacturing Process that is usually been needed for manufacturing different kits of Miga Consultancy Services , Mga Production House ,Miga Academy are done here .

Miga Group do not involved orb allo any kind of 3rd Party manufacturer ,as Miga Group always conscious about the quality ,so Miga Production House is the best choice where uptodated manufacturing process are getting involved with latest features and technology.